Sentinel Machine, LLC performs many services relating to the manufacturing and modification of firearms. These services are offered to customers under the following terms. Any service rendered by Sentinel Machine, LLC assumes the customer has read and agrees to these terms.

Last updated: May 21st, 2021



All firearms have the potential to present risk of serious injury and death to their users. Anyone who engages in the use of any firearm must accept that responsibility for themselves. While every attempt is made to ensure a safe product is assembled and/or sold to its customers, the company is not liable for injuries sustained by the primary user or bystanders that may be caused by a malfunction or failure of the firearm.

All firearms owners are expected to take responsibility for their own safety by following the fundamental firearms safety rules and by wearing all appropriate safety equipment such has eye protection, hearing protection, and appropriate clothing.

Warranty of Products

All firearms manufactured by the company carry a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase to the original owner. This warranty covers any defects that may inhibit the correct and safe operation of the firearm. The warranty does not cover any defects to appearance or changes to the firearm that occur during normal usage.

If at any time a customer has a question about their firearm or would like to discuss service issues (even after the warranty period), please contact us. We rather our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience with their firearms than not seek the help they need to resolve any issues. In many cases, certain repairs can be performed after the warranty without incurring costs to the customer.

Non-firearm products manufactured by the company come with varying--but often very liberal--warranties. Always reach out to us if you have a concern about any product we make.

Warranty of Services

All services performed by the company carry a 90-day warranty against any issues that may inhibit the correct and safe operation of the firearm that were a direct result of the service being performed. Please understand that certain services have the potential to cause new issues to surface that were not related to the original repair or modification. It is our responsibility to alert the owner to the possibility of these side-effects before the initial repair or modification. However, it is usually the responsibility of the customer to cover the cost of repairs of indirectly caused issues.

In some cases, customers may place requirements on the service to use components or practices that are not recommended by the company. If the gunsmith determines the customer's requirements cannot be adequately met, a compromise may be reached where this warranty is waived. Otherwise, the gunsmith will recommend no services be performed under those circumstances.

Third-party Warranties

In some cases, third-party warranties may be carried over to the customer. If a component from a third party fails, the company may be able to provide limited warranty service and/or contact the third-party on the customer's behalf. When selecting high-quality components for your project, this can effectively extend much of the base 1-year warranty.

Waiver of Other Liabilities

Any other real or perceived harm to property or individuals caused by the use of a product sold, transferred, modified, or manufactured by the company is the responsibility of the operator of the product.

Federal Firearms Licensee Activities

All local, state, and federal laws are followed during all phases of the production, sale, and transfer of firearms.

All functions of the company's firearms business are performed solely at the licensed location.