Sentinel Machine is a small federally licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer. Located just north of Colorado Springs, we offer a number of services to both firearms dealers and end users.

Manufacturing Services

We can help design and build custom configurations of several popular firearms including AR-15 and AR-10/LR-308 pattern rifles. Even if you only need one rifle built to a certain specification, we can offer a competitive rate. Rifles can be tailored to meet budget constraints. All manufacturing services are quoted individually. Please contact us to discuss manufacturing services.

Gunsmithing Services

We offer routine gunsmithing services. Many installation or customization jobs require one or two odd tools. In some situations, it can be cheaper to pay for those services rather than purchasing that torque wrench or pistol sight installation tool. It can also be helpful to have a professional perform the more complicated or safety-critical work. See the rate sheet for what we charge for common services.

Firearms Sales

Sentinel Machine offers limited sale of on-hand firearms. Some special orders can be accommodated with reasonable lead time. Contact us if you would like to see if we can find you a particular firearm.

Firearms and NFA Transfers

As a licensed manufacturer, Sentinel Machine can provide you with both incoming firearms transfers as well as person-to-person transfers. See the rates for the costs to transfer a firearm. Sentinel Machine is also a licensed dealer of NFA firearms (including suppressors) and can assist you with finding and transferring NFA items.

Sentinel Machine is a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer! By selecting Sentinel Machine as your dealer, you pay no transfer fees upon approval of your transfer.

Powered By Silencer Shop

Kenaz Tactical Group

If you are interested in pursuing world class firearms instruction, Kenaz Tactical Group provides an incredible training value. Sentinel Machine offers student discounts for many services.

Contact Information

The best way to contact us is by email. Send messages to Most requests or questions will be answered immediately during regular business hours.